Curly Girls: Haircut & Highlights

A couple of recent curly-haired clients that I worked on: the first wanted a chic crop for springtime and the second wanted some warm highlights. I love working on curly hair of all textures (fine, medium, or coarse) and seeing the results on my clients’ happy faces!  

Hope you’re having a wonderful spring so far!


Women's Cropped Haircut

Women’s Cropped Haircut


Partial Highlights on Curly Hair

Partial Highlights on Curly Hair

Friday Favorite Five

1. How to get PERFECT beachy, swimsuit-edition-style hair! via Mane Addicts

A must-read guide for long-haired gals who want those gorgeous waves on or off the beach.

Perfect beach hair

Perfect beach hair

2. Kim K. went platinum (if you hadn’t noticed), but it was a very risky move! via Hair with Kate

Here’s what her hairstylists’ (yes, multiple stylists) process can teach us about such drastic changes.

Kim K. goes platinum blonde

Kim K. goes platinum blonde

3. How to make a DIY charging station, via Apartment Therapy

This one is so much cuter than the one I have. Feeling crafty!

DIY charging station

DIY charging station

4. There’s a high-end candy boutique coming to San Francisco, via SF Eater

I don’t really know what upscale candy is like, but I will in a couple of months!!

Sugarfina, high-end candy boutique

Sugarfina, high-end candy boutique

5. Photographer Robert Herman’s pictures of New Yorkers in the 1970s and ’80s, via Ufunk

Selections from his new book ~ they’re great! Check ‘em out!

The New Yorkers, by Robert Herman

The New Yorkers, by Robert Herman

Cool Blonde Highlights

From DIY-yellow to salon blonde. This client was tired of her at-home results and wanted her highlights to “look expensive.” The fun part is that I didn’t even use lightener, but high-lift tint and lowlights instead. She was thrilled with the results! 

I’m hoping to take off about 2″ of damaged ends next 😉 and make her transformation even better!

Friday Favorite Five

1. Shampooed heads turned into abstract photographs, by photographer Cheuk Lun Lo, via



2. Die Antwood frontwoman Yo-landi Visser gives a rare interview! via Dazed



3. An incredible interview with a young girl who started feeding some crows, and they returned with presents for her, via Boing Boing

Crows are SO smart. Listen to the whole podcast if you can! The stories about the crows’ interactions with people are kind of mind-blowing.


4. 100 things to do in SF under $20, via 7×7

A fun list whether you live here or are just visiting!


5. 13 habits of exceptionally likable people, via Inc.

Do you do these? Well, do ya, punk?





Subtle, Natural Highlights

I love these natural-looking highlights on a recent client! She wanted to lighten her brunette hair just a little bit, without looking like she’d had anything “done” to it. The change was subtle, but her hair is a great example of how highlights don’t have to be blonde, stripey, or unnatural-looking! They can blend and add dimension without giving you a whole new hair identity! No filter, as always.



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