Friday Favorite Five

1. Schiaparelli Spring 2015, via Vogue UK

Stunning colors, sleek and moulded hair

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2. Sneak preview of the OMG fashion of “Mad Men”‘s final episodes!! via Fashionista




3. Acupuncture socks? Yes, please! via Into the Gloss

No, they’re not filled with needles. I haven’t tried them, but would like to very, very soon.


4. “Self-care isn’t a reward. It’s part of the process.” via Lifehacker

Just that quote alone. You MUST make taking good care of yourself a priority if you ever intend to do anything for others!


5. This Amethyst hotel. WHOAAAA. via Curbed

download (2).png




Partial Highlights

Soft and natural highlights I did on a client last week. She has such beautiful long hair! She had some very orangey, old highlights when she came in and wanted to be lighter overall with less of the red tone. In fact, she was originally thinking about getting it cut, too, but after she saw the highlights I did, she changed her mind! :-) No filter, as always.


Friday Favorite Five

I’m so happy to be reviving a blend of my two favorite blog posts from years past: Things I Love Thursday + Friday Five. I’m creating a new category: Friday Favorite Five! Here are my pics for this week. Let me know what you think! Have a fabulous weekend!

1. Don’t Let Your Past Reflect Your Future via Wella

It’s a couple of months old, but this short interview with Rolando Aqui, a Wella colorist in Las Vegas, keeps inspiring me!

2. How to Talk About Your Unconventional Background in a Conventional World via The Art of Manliness

Helpful! Especially if you’re a former writer/editor/yoga teacher/fire dancer/stilt walker/DJ/music industry drone turned hairstylist. Ahem ;-) That’s a lot of slashes!

3. 14 San Francisco Salons for Rad Color via Racked SF

Including Posh and my color mentor, Lori, at #2!

4. Style Direction 2015: Stepford Witch via Gala Darling

My bloggy heroine, Gala Darling, nails it again. I am obsessing over this style idea right now! “A matte black manicure and a tan… Pilates and astral projection…” Yes, please!!

5. And along those lines, always remembering when THIS is the appropriate attitude to adopt (William Hamilton via The New Yorker):


Have a fabulous weekend!

Full Highlights / Color Correction

This client came in with reddish, grown-out balayage that she was pretty unhappy about. She wanted to go lighter overall and tone down the warmth. I gave her full highlights with foils using Wella Blondor, then toned her to a flattering, neutral light. She looked gorgeous and was super-happy with the result! :-) No filter on the pics, as always!

Full Highlights / Color Correction

Full Highlights / Color Correction


Recent Work: Full Blonde Highlights and Fabulous Blow-Drys

A belated happy new year! I have a feeling 2015 is going to be amazing. I have been working hard these past couple of years and it is definitely paying off already. The holidays were incredibly busy at Posh, which was exhilarating and… a little crazy ;-) But we have all survived and now it’s time to take 2015 by storm! Here are a couple of pictures of some recent work. The blow-drys were part of a day-long blowout extravaganza at Posh; I did the highlights just the other day and she was *thrilled* with the results. No before picture (sorry), but her roots were grown out almost 2″ and she also asked to go blonder, blonder, blonder. I’m very happy with the color and it’s fun to note that I didn’t even tone her — simply used Blondor and a full head of foils. No filter on my pictures, as always! Have a wonderful week!

Fabulous Blowouts

Fabulous Blowouts

Full Blonde Highlights

Full Blonde Highlights



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