Recent Work: Curly Haircut and Grey Coverage with Color Correction

It’s been fun to work on some glorious curls recently! The first was a square layered cut to reduce bulk ~ the second was grey coverage with a color correction to go back to a cool brown from a faded red-violet glaze. Both resulted in happy clients, which made me happy, too! No filter on the pics, as always!


Curly Layered Haircut

Curly Layered Haircut


Grey coverage with Color Correction

Grey coverage with Color Correction

Color Correction: Highlights & Chocolate Plum Toner

This client came in with several tones of brown in her hair and green ends, the result of a poorly executed color job! She was desperate for a fix! I added some very natural-looking partial highlights with foils to lift some of the unwanted color and brighten things up, then toned her to a flattering chocolate-plum color. She was super-happy and has been texting me ever since about all the compliments she keeps getting! :-) No filter on the pics, as always!

Color Correction: Highlights & Chocolate Plum Toner

Color Correction: Highlights & Chocolate Plum Toner


Recent Work: Men’s Cut & Blonde Highlights

A couple pics of some hair I did over the past couple of weeks : a men’s short square haircut and gorgeous blonde highlights done with bleach and foils and NO toner! :-) No filter, as always!

Men's short square haircut

Men’s short square haircut

Blonde highlights: bleach with foils, no toner

Blonde highlights: bleach with foils, no toner


Recent Work: Highlights & Men’s Cuts

Some work I’ve been doing recently: fiery red-gold highlights on beautiful amber waves (bottom pic)… a short men’s haircut that made him very happy (middle pic)… and a highlight correction from drab, ashy stripes to a smooth, caramel blonde :-) No filter, as always!

Caramel blonde highlights Men's short haircutRed gold highlights

My New Book! A Year of Natural Health & Beauty: 52 Easy, Frugal, Natural Ideas to Enhance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

About the Book

Many of you have already been following along for a while; several of you are also new followers who reached this blog via some of my natural health and beauty tips. To all of you, hello and welcome!

In 2012, I created a yearlong blog project, in which I posted a new tip each week, right here on this blog. All the tips included were easy, frugal, and natural. These included recipes for homemade beauty items plus tips on nutrition, exercise, and stress relief.

Well, over the last couple of years, several readers asked me to consolidate the tips into a book, so I did!  If you have read and enjoyed one or more of my tips, please consider buying my book! It lists all 52 simple, frugal, natural tips in an easy-to-read format PLUS it includes a whole bunch of extra information and bonus tips!!

The book is available as a digital download that you can read on your Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, ePub reader, and browser. It’s also available as a paperback on Amazon and Createspace!

Thanks for your interest and I hope you stick around for more fun stuff here on my blog :-)

How to purchase A Year of Natural Health and Beauty: 52 Easy, Frugal, Natural Ideas to Enhance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Available for Kindle (also Kindle for iPad and iPhone):




Available on Amazon in paperback:




Available for Nook at Barnes & Noble:




Available as an ePub at Page Foundry / Inktera

Available for your browser or digital device on Scribd

Available as a paperback on Createspace

Questions for readers:

Do you have any favorite health and beauty tips you’d like to share? Please feel free to do so in the comments!
Is there any particular area of natural health and beauty you’d like to learn more about?


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